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Road Friends

The bus stopped in front of what I believed to be a restaurant. As the time approached 11:00 at night, not much was open including the supposed restaurant or nearby buildings. Not exactly the bus station we expected, but Lane quickly identified we were in walking distance from our hostel.Until this point, we’d had a fairly mixed experience with hostels. Sure, our stays had been fine, but more accurately described as barely cheaper than many Airbnbs and...
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Moments in Medellín

If you read aloud in your head like I do, when you read Medellín, make sure the double “L” sound forms more of a “J” sound than a “Y”. That’s the only guidance I can provide right now regarding the Colombian accent. It’s a beautiful one and fairly easy to understand—please read as my comprehension didn’t drop drastically in comparison to Mexico. And comprehension level will vary quite dramatically given the topic of the conversation and...
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Colombia bringing the heat

I love small airports in foreign countries. Not just because they are easier to navigate than their behemoth cousins, but because I feel way more adventurous when they roll stairs up to the plane and you make your way down metal steps and place a foot in this new and foreign place. This happened when I landed in Belize City back in 2013. A storm had rolled in above the city, and I clung to my hat and the wind...
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