We are Kate and Lane Seppala, and over the next year we will travel on more than just a plane. Our modes of transportation may involve, but are not certainly not limited to our very own feet, dugout canoes, and camels. Originally from Texas and New Mexico respectively, we are beyond excited to spend 2018 and 2019 traveling the world together. Our "plan" involves exploring Latin America first and crossing the pond, well a pond, sometime early 2019. Generally, our favorite plan is no plan so we will see what destinations steal our heart and go from there!

This trip is over three years in the making and we look forward to sharing our travels as well as thoughts on the transition to travel with you all.


written by Lane

Kate put this whole crazy plan into action. Lane would have merely daydreamed away the idea without taking the steps to start. Kate’s relentless dedication drove them to make it a reality.

Since deciding to travel, Kate has followed between 20-400 other travelers (Lane forgets the exact number) across podcasts and social media. Kate is constantly seeking out those with stories to tell, and she loves talking to others about travel and sharing inspiration. In the last two years before the trip, Kate made it a goal to complete her Masters in higher education studies—with a published thesis!—all while working full time.

Kate is most passionate about photography, opening herself and helping others to be emotional vulnerable in conversations, and drinking wine that turns your teeth red and your laughter deeper. All of the gorgeous photos in the blog are hers, unless, by accident, Lane managed to grab a good one under her instruction.


written by Kate

Lane speaks 2.75 languages, can ski backwards, and he always starts a reliable campfire with a single match. He always knows which direction he is going. In a city or in a cave, he will know.

He can tie knots and write complex computer programs. He makes new friends feel special because he always knows something interesting about their country. He can carry a conversation on virtually any topic. He dances swing and wants to learn salsa. He eats quickly like a bear is coming to steal his meal, and never encounters a food he won’t try. The more green chile, the better. He carefully researched all gear for the trip. Through thick and thin, he relentlessly searched for the perfect shoes and he may have succeeded. Only time will tell. We will travel better because of his careful gear decisions, REI willing.

He is kind, thoughtful, and endlessly curious. Basically the best travel partner a gal could ask for.