On July 7th, and Lane I leave our colorful Colorado life to embark upon a year-long trip around the world! How this trip unfolds, only time (read as finances, encounters with friends we haven’t yet met, weather, whims, our inclination) will tell. We’ve spent countless hours choosing our backpacks and shoes, so I think we are all ready to go. Right?

Our first stop brings of the journey brings us to Queretaro, Mexico. For one month, we hope to recover our feeble Spanish language foundation acquired way back in the aughts—thank you pre-AP Spanish—with an intensive language course. We look forward to spending quality time in one city and getting to know Mexico a bit more. We will just be scratching the surface of a vast and beautiful country, so our travels may take us around Mexico for a few weeks after we finish classes.

We hope to document our thoughts, musings, and photos along the road here. I spent the last two years writing more than I ever have in my life. Perhaps the sage of completing a thesis somehow translates to better creative writing as well. Let's see!

My dear friend said starting a travel blog you don’t finish is basically a right of passage for any long-term traveler, so I suppose that means it’s our turn. Gotta start somewhere!

This trip, well THE trip, has been a long time coming for us. Without getting into details right now, we are ready and excited and overwhelmed and so freaking grateful we even have the opportunity to do this. What a privilege we have to be making this crazy dream a reality.

Thank you to the friends and family who smiled encouragingly when we told them our plans, and supported us through everything detour, roadblock, and surprise through this journey. The decision and transition to travel has been more transitional than we could have expected so it’s difficult to comprehend what it will feel like to be out on the road.

So, here we go.